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Design Technology teacher and student

Faculty and Staff

Saint Andrew’s has a world-class faculty who are experts in their field and in how students learn.  With access to significant resources, faculty develop teaching techniques that enable our students develop the knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams and to positively impact their communities.

Middle School Science students

Traits of a Saint Andrew's Teacher

  • demonstrates creative and inspired teaching
  • models lifelong learning
  • supports the school mission
  • embodies professionalism
  • demonstrates adaptability and grace
  • nurtures students in mind, body, and spirit.

The connections students build with their teachers support them as they learn to take intellectual risks and strive to make significant contributions to their school and the world. Teachers take on the role of mentors and compassionately guide students towards the fulfillment of their academic, athletic, and artistic goals.

The Saint Andrew’s faculty are caring professionals that celebrate excellence in students and each other. At the end of each year, faculty are recognized by their peers for demonstrating the traits of a Saint Andrew’s teacher.

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By The Numbers

Total Number of Teachers: 166

Total Number of Administrators not included above: 24

Percentage of Teachers/Administrators with Master's Degree:62%

Doctorate Degree:11%

Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1

Faculty, Staff, & Administrators committed to Saint Andrew's Mission: 100%

Our teachers are the heart of our school community. They are the ones who create a nurturing learning environment where all students can thrive. They are the ones who inspire our students to grow and reach their full potential. And they are the ones who build relationships with our students and families, providing support and guidance along the way. They are truly making a difference in the lives of our students.